Services network

The architecture will distinguish among Value-chain Oriented Services (VCO) and Operational Services (OS).

VCO Services

Product Information Management

Service targeted to Circular Economy value chain stakeholders. In this service, datasets collecting information and technical files about commercial products are organized and made available for the users.

Product Co-Creation

The Co-Creation service is a tool thought to help all companies solving challenges or proposing solutions, through a process of collaboration in an open innovation approach. It’s directed at all the stakeholders that want to interact giving and receiving feedbacks, ideas, or suggestions on specific topics and challenges.

LCA-LCC for eco-design

Different product and process concepts are compared and assessed to find the optimal ecological (LCA) and economical (LCC) solution.

Demand-supply matching

The service provides means to publish, search and select supplier offerings and demander needs for digitized auctioning and contract establishment.

Sustainable value network and reverse logistics configuration

The objective is to provide a reverse logistics service for remanufacturers which starts as early in the reverse supply chain as possible.

Identification of cross-regional value chains

Service targeted to regional governments and local stakeholders (companies and research centers) dealing with circular economy.

Material flow monitoring and aggregated system oriented KPIs

To support decision makers to define directives or new legally binding requirements to influence circular economy practices, based on the observation of the real material flows.

Circolar innovation hubs

In this task, a software application is developed specifically targeted to exploit the DigiPrime platform federation-based architecture to support the operation of distributed Circular Innovation Hubs.

Barriers’ Identification and Legislation Support

It provides a collaborative and automated tool to exchange information and data about barriers hampering the transition toward a circular economy (experienced by the companies) and to cooperate toward the definition of solutions in terms of policy interventions

OS Services

Product Avatar

The Product Avatar tool is a software solution that allows different actors to manage the information related to a real Product during its ongoing lifecycle.

Product Condition Prediction

The Product Condition Prediction service aims to support the de- and remanufacturing processes by providing immediate condition prognosis for second-life products, thus aiding circular economy.

Decision Support System - CE

The service is targeted to stakeholders dealing with post -use product conditions; it implements decision algorithms to define the best circular economy strategy for the products that return for post – use to the shop floors.

Decision Support System for Composite Recycling

It provides automated identifications of possible treatments, processes and post-processes for each plastics and composites waste typology.

Digital Twin based Simulation

Digital Twin to support de/remanufacturing operators to adapt their processing strategy depending on the conditions of their system and the conditions of the return post-use products.

Digital Twin for Value Stream Mapping

The service enables the user to use the lean management method of value stream mapping in the context of circular economy processes. The functionalities range from digitization and documentation to simulation of the value stream.

Demand and Supply forecasting

Service to forecast the demand for (remanufactured) products and the supply of (post-)products using data from the past. Application scenarios are the support of medium-term production planning or long-term capacity planning.

Circular Production Planning and Control

The service supports production scheduling in circular value-chains. Additionally, the service includes a Reverse Bill of Material (BoM) Explosion logic to identify the right cores to be used in remanufacturing.

Material testing

To provide information about tests and certifications that can be used and applied for/to specific materials and products with the aim to improve the knowledge of their properties and performance.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, DT-ICT-07-2018-2019 “Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories” topic, under Grant Agreement ID 873111