DigiPrime Open Calls

With the aim of expanding the DigiPrime ecosystem, including “supply-side participants” that will contribute to enhance the digital platforms and the pilot systems, and “demand-side participants”, that will use the services in the federation of platforms, DigiPrime foresees two different Open Calls, with diverse targets and financing mechanisms, in addition to the Call for External Expert Evaluators https://www.digiprime.eu/call-for-evaluators/.

For transparency and completeness, all the relevant information exchanges between the DigiPrime Open Calls Support Desk Team and the applicants are published here.

To advertise the DigiPrime Open Calls and to support possible applicants, dedicated “Info Day” sessions are organized.

For further information: info.opencalls@digiprime.eu

Open Call type B: Pilots in new sectors using the DigiPrime digital platform, services and basic data transfer functionalities

The DigiPrime Open Call Type B will finance:

  • proposals expanding the DigiPrime already existing Pilots to connect with sectors/pilots that provide or use materials, as well as components in/from the DigiPrime pilots;
  • proposals investigating new pilots focusing on the same components and materials of the DigiPrime already existing pilots, but exploring novel and different application contexts;
  • proposals focusing on totally new pilots.

Announcement of Open call “Type B”

DigiPrime Open Call Type B officially opens on the 1st of November 2022, the Application period will last until 10/01/2023.

The Open Call Type B will finance sub-projects with a duration of 6 months.

The total Funds available are 1.2 million EURO. The funding rate is 70%, the maximum DigiPrime contribution per single applicant is 100’000.00 EURO; the maximum DigiPrime contribution for proposals submitted by Consortia is 200’000.00 EURO. The call is reserved to SMEs, as defined by the EU law (EC recommendation 2003/361/EU); and Consortia of SMEs, in line with Horizon 2020 Eligibility Criteria.

DigiPrime Open Call Type B is open. All the relevant documents related to the Open Call content can be found in this dedicated page.

For further information, please write to: info.opencalls@digiprime.eu

Eligibility rules

The open call is addressed and limited to SMEs, as defined in the EU law: (EC recommendation 2003/361/EC as published in the Official Journal of the European Union L 124, p. 36 of 20 May 2003), also in form of small consortia of SMEs. All organizations (SMEs) eligible for Horizon 2020 will be eligible to submit proposals for the open calls, except for the consortium’s partners and other parties that may have conflicts of interest. Other entities not eligible for funding under Horizon 2020 can also apply as consortium partners but they must bear their project costs.

Open Call type A: Development of new Horizontal value chain oriented (VCO) or vertical operational (OP) services offered by the DigiPrime platform.

The objective of this call is to develop “New functionalities to be included into the platform” or “Services addressing new target groups”.

The Open Call Type A has been finalized and closed.

Details of the Open Call type A can be found at this link.

Call for evaluators

DigiPrime is selecting Expert Evaluators to support the review process of the proposals received from the DigiPrime Open Calls. Details available at this link.

If you want to act as an Expert Evaluator in DigiPrime Open Calls, please sublit your CV and Application Form to the dedicated email address:


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, DT-ICT-07-2018-2019 “Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories” topic, under Grant Agreement ID 873111