DigiPrime Open Calls

With the aim of expanding the DigiPrime ecosystem, including “supply-side participants” that will contribute enhancements to digital platforms and pilot systems, and “demand-side participants”, that will use the services in the federation of platforms, DigiPrime foresees two kinds of open calls having different targets and financing amount, plus one call for evaluators.

For transparency and completeness, all the relevant information exchanges between the DigiPrime Open Calls support desk and the applicants are published here.

Open Call type A: Development of new Horizontal value chain oriented (VCO) or vertical operational (OP) services offered by the DigiPrime platform.

The objective of this call is to develop “New functionalities to be included into the platform” or “Services addressing new target groups”. In more details:
A1) New functionalities to be included to the platform such as:
– the capability to enhance data acquisition service, which provide sensory system for legacy systems.
– the capability to add labels to product models to gather distributed and enhanced information on the product and component materials (e.g., BIM approach).
– the capability to capture flows of natural resources and emissions.
– marketplace for consumers and service stations showcasing available reman parts (also batteries) in different sectors.
– training modules for transferring the key competences of the DigiPrime pilots and the related policy framework for validating the transferred knowledge.
A2) Services addressed to new target groups such as:
– Municipalities and local entities.
– Mining companies.
– Primary process entities.
– Consumers groups.
– Citizens.
– Sector associations.

Announcement of Open call “Type A”

Details of the Open Call type A can be found at this link.

For further information: info.opencalls@digiprime.eu

If you want to apply for the Open Call type A, please access to the Platform for Proposals Submission.

Open Call type B: Pilots in new sectors using the DigiPrime digital platform, models, and open APIs

The objective of this call is to develop:
B1) Pilots in new sectors not already covered by the DigiPrime Pilots.
B2) New value chains inside the sectors already existing in the DigiPrime platform.
Both types of activities will contribute to expand the DigiPrime ecosystem, including “supply-side participants” (that will contribute enhancements to digital platforms and pilot systems), and “demand-side participants” (that will use the services in the federation of platforms).

Announcement of Open call “Type B”

For further information: info.opencalls@digiprime.eu

Eligibility rules

The open call is addressed and limited to SMEs, as defined in the EU law: (EC recommendation 2003/361/EC as published in the Official Journal of the European Union L 124, p. 36 of 20 May 2003), also in form of small consortia of SMEs. All organizations (SMEs) eligible for Horizon 2020 will be eligible to submit proposals for the open calls, except for the consortium’s partners and other parties that may have conflicts of interest. Other entities not eligible for funding under Horizon 2020 can also apply as consortium partners but they must bear their project costs.

Call for evaluators

DigiPrime is selecting Expert Evaluators to support the review process of the proposals received from the two DigiPrime Open Calls. Details available at this link.

If you want to act as an Expert Evaluator in DigiPrime Open Calls, please apply via the following link:


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, DT-ICT-07-2018-2019 “Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories” topic, under Grant Agreement ID 873111