Material testing and certification


To provide information about tests and certifications that can be used and applied for/to specific materials and products with the aim to improve the knowledge of their properties and performance. This will support materials and products second-life use through recycle and reuse.


Service functionalities start from inputs in form of keywords that describe materials and products. Service processes these inputs to find match with internal database then providing outputs as tests and certifications list specific for the material/product. Additional information can be provided as output in order to facilitate users with testing and certification activities.


Service provides outputs in form of test and certification lists related to materials and products. These outputs can be used by different stakeholders in order to boost circularity.

Dismantlers/retailers: tests and certifications can help them to assess materials residual performances to decide if products can be reused or it is better send them for recycling.

Remanufacturers: test and certifications can help them to identify the best remanufacturing processes and the best possible second life on the base of materials properties.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, DT-ICT-07-2018-2019 “Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories” topic, under Grant Agreement ID 873111