De- and remanufacturing oriented product information management


Service targeted to Circular Economy value chain stakeholders. In this service, datasets collecting information and technical files about commercial products are organized and made available for the users. The user can set its preferences according to the type of information and product families of interest and receive customized notifications. The user can also upload information and files not yet available.


Datasets collecting product information and technical files are organized highlighting the reference product, the product family and which type of stakeholder (e.g. recycler, remanufacturer, etc.) would be interested in having access to it. Combining the dataset structure and the preferences set by the user, the service provides customized notifications about new information available on products of interest and a dedicated search engine.


• At the first login, the user is notified about all the information and files available on the product families of interest.
• More detailed querying can be made exploiting the dedicated search engine.
• If a new information about a product of interest is made available, the user is notified.
• If a new product which belongs to a product family of interest is added, the user is notified.
• If another user search for an information which might be available, the user is notified.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme, DT-ICT-07-2018-2019 “Digital Manufacturing Platforms for Connected Smart Factories” topic, under Grant Agreement ID 873111